Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

I have been working as a textile artist for over 20 years and have authored four books and many articles; I offer a breadth of teaching and mentoring experience in the field of mixed media, fibre art, textiles and embroidery. I enjoy working with many varied media, enjoying incorporating unusual materials into my textiles. I create work which is imbued with personal references. The pieces are rarely representational, but whatever their form I am looking for an emotive response from the viewer. My aim is to be at once personal and fascinating. I clearly remember school sewing lessons. The first project was a shirt, and was then allowed to create an abstract ‘composition’ with layers of coloured net and machine stitching. The realisation that sewing didn’t have to be lazy daisy, French Knots, zips or button holes was a revelation and a joy. At the same moment I was also discovering ‘modern’ art – the likes of Monet, Picasso, Mondrian, Klee etc. and the thought that I could marry the two was the start of a (very) long term connection to fabric, stitch and art. At around the same time, the return of a friend from his travels in Thailand and Nepal awakened in me a new fascination about the traditions of widely differing cultures and times. This combination results, I hope, in a happy invention of form and conceptualisation which conspires in the completed works to deliver a contemplative narrative.