Sue Roper

Encouraged to make creative messes at an early age, I am now fairly skilled at this art! Along the way I have taught myself a whole variety of skills such as folk art painting, scrapbooking, knitting and sewing. Since discovering quilting I have widened those skills to longarm quilting, applique of all descriptions, piecing and now wool embroidery, designing and dyeing. Creativity is my life force and I am very passionate about growing it and encouraging it in others. I have taught since the mid 1990’s, beginning locally, but have now taught in Australia, USA and through NZ. My style is bright, colourful, intuitive, serendipitous and most of all, fun! Life is too short to play with boring colours and perfection. I own the Pink Possum Quilt Shop in Greymouth, and with my sister, Rochelle, we design, dye, cut, kit and teach.